Consider Safety First

We recognize that when a disaster strikes and a storm damages or even blows over your fence, its a pretty big deal. A broken fence is a significant problem that has to be addressed as soon as possible. Whether you have animals, kids, or neighbors, a damaged fence is more than just a security risk, but also a major safety risk. For these reasons Our first instinct as homeowners is to get it done as fast as possible, and sometimes we are willing to take whoever can get there the soonest as our fence contractor of choice.

Simply put this is not always the best option. Whenever safety of your loved ones is concerned, speed is important, but makings sure that your fence repairs are done by a licensed professional is absolutely essential. Having a licensed and reputable fencing contractor protects you from the risks that could come from some unlicensed contractor who may cut corners just to get the job done fast and make some quick money under the table. This is why it is important to vet your contractors and only go with licensed professionals who have a track record of being honest and providing good service. Here at Klamath Falls Fence Repair, we only work with the best licensed fence repair contractors in the Klamath Basin area to ensure customer satisfaction.


Assess the Damage to Your Broken Fence

If a storm has just ravaged your fence and you have considerable damage, it is time to think about what comes next. Essentially you have only two real options, attempt to repair the sections of damaged fence, or replace the entire fence. Wait until the storm has passed and carefully check your fence for damage. Depending on the severity of the storm, there may be obvious damage such as leaning or fallen sections of fence, or missing panels. When checking your fence for damage there are some tell tale signs of issues that you should look out for.

Wooden Fences – Carefully inspect the posts and fallen panels, especially lower to the ground for signs of rot, discoloration, or damage for termites or other insects that could cause damage to your fence. Look for any broken panels, cracks in posts, or warping in the fence panels. If your fence is in a low area or a section of the yard that collects water, your fence could easily begin to rot from being submerged in water.

Vinyl Fences – Damage to these fences is usually harder to see so it is important to look for cracks very carefully. Due to the way vinyl fences are constructed, if you find any cracks in the panels during inspection, it is best to fully replace that panel as the fence stability could be severely compromised.


Fence Repair vs Fence Replacement for a Storm Damaged Fence

No matter whether you are currently leaning towards repairing the fence or replacing the fence, consider what we talked about above and think about safety first. Even if the structure of the fence seems ok, contact a professional to come and take a look at your fence. This is generally a free service and you should always trend to the side of caution if a fence is severely damaged, especially if you have multiple sections of fence down. If you are in need of a professional licensed fence contractor to inspect your damaged fence send us a message or check out our full list of service areas to see if you reside in one of the many areas of Southern Oregon we service.


Repairing a Damaged Fence

If your fence damage is minor and includes just a few missing fence panels, and there is no structural damage or cracks, then some simple repairs could be what the doctor ordered. One common misconception is that choosing to repair a fence is automatically cheaper than replacing it. When there is structural damage and if there are multiple panels down, the repair jobs often can be closer to the cost of installing a new fence than you may think. On top of that something homeowners often don’t think about is that if you replace a bunch of panels on your fence, then there will be a lot of noticeable places where your fence doesn’t match. If you happen to have an older fence these nonmatching sections of the fence are going to be very obvious.

The Case for Replacing and Installing a New Fence

Echoing what we have been talking about throughout this article, it is important to have a professional inspect your fence. If there is structural damage or multiple sections of fence down, it is almost always better to replace the entire fence. If you replace the fallen sections you will have a fence that doesn’t match and there could be unseen cracks that cause the fence to fall again if another big storm comes through. Replacing the fence ensures the safety of your loved ones and the durability of your fence.

Replacing your old damaged fence with a new complete replacement may come at a higher initial cost, but the final result will be a far more secure fence that should be able to handle future storms for years to come unless something large like a tree happens to fall on it. When having a new fence installed, get as many estimates as possible to ensure you are getting the best price possible and getting as much information about what professional contractors recommend based on your specific fence situation.

The team at Klamath Falls Fence Repair is connected to some of the best local fence contractors in the area that are fully licensed.