When it comes to putting in a new fence, there are a number of different options to choose from. Two of the most popular styles of fencing are most certainly wood fences and chain link fences. You probably couldn’t drive past 3 houses and not see one of these fences in someone’s yard. Wood fences have some nice aesthetics such as being taller, offering more privacy, and have a popular look to them that many people find attractive. However, there are some big benefits to choosing a chain link fence over a wood fence.

Here are 5 great reasons to consider choosing chain link over wood for your next fence:

1. Fence Installation Cost

Perhaps the most significant benefit of chain link fence over wood fences is the cost. Chain link fencing is significantly cheaper both in materials and installation than wood fences. Since cost is often one of the biggest factors when choosing a fence, this makes chain link fences a great option for those who are on a tighter budget. So if your priority is keeping costs down then chain link fencing is definitely the way to go.

A chain link fence can cost between $250-2000 per 50-foot roll of chain link fence, depending on the height of the fence. By comparison, a 6-foot wooden privacy fence will likely run you $25-100 per panel which is roughly 8 feet long. If you compare the average prices of a 4-foot chain link fence to that of a 6-foot wood privacy fence covering the same distance, what you will find is that a wooden privacy fence will cost you at least double, if not more than a chain link fence.

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2. Fast Installation

Of the various fence options to choose from, chain link fences are among the faster and easier fences to install. This means that even if you have an extremely large property, you won’t have to worry about a lengthy installation process for your fence, regardless of the height of the fence you decide to go with.

3. Low Maintenance

One thing that separates chain link fencing from wood fencing is that they are resistant to weather-related elements. By comparison, wood fences are susceptible to a variety of different issues that owners of chain link fences simply will not experience. Wood fences may require additional painting or staining to help preserve them and extend their life. On top of that wood fences also may suffer damage from termites, and mold or rot in moist climates that receive a lot of rain The treated galvanized metal of chain link fencing makes these fences immune to all of the above issues that wood fences can be plagued with, making them virtually maintenance-free.

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4. No Light Obstruction

Not only do chain link fences offer security but their chain link weave allows a lot of light through. This can be very useful if you want your yard to be brighter with fewer shadows and can be the perfect solution if you happen to have a lot of plants or a garden. If your fence is specifically to enclose something like a vegetable garden then a chain link fence is the ideal option for this purpose.

5. Fence Durability & Lifespan

Simply put, metal lasts longer than wood and thus metal fences will typically outlast wood fences. The average lifespan for a wooden privacy fence that has been properly maintained is about 15 years before it will need to be replaced. A chain link fence however will last around 20 years if not longer.

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While there is definitely a case for wood fences being an excellent fence option, the benefits outlined in this article show that chain link fences hold their own and can actually be the better option for some homeowners and in specific situations.

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